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‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ – black friday spectacular | raton, nm & trinidad, co senior photographer

Alright seniors…sometimes it’s all about you and this is one of those times! The studio carries many products that are specifically geared towards graduating seniors and the things that are most important to you for your senior photos.  What are those things?  Well, for one wallets.  EVERY senior needs wallets.  Of course the studio carries wallets…but just […]

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‘drum roll please’ – black friday spectacular | 5×5 folio giveaway

Congratulations to Lillian Maldonado who was the winner of the 5×5 Folio!!!  Mrs. Maldonado was the very first person following the Black Friday Spectacular so the early bird does get the worm!  I will contact you with the details Mrs. Maldonado! ‘be fun and sunny’ jennifer

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‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ – black friday spectacular | raton, nm & trinidad, co photographer

Still with me?  You didn’t fall asleep did you?  Or maybe you got here late!  Well…ya know you’ve almost missed the 5am giveaway so you better read that post and get your comment up now…because in just a few minutes the winner will be announced! So here at the studio we have a ton of […]

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